bU 2013 - 'Beloved'
Morning Tea - 2012
bU 2012 - 'Refresh'
bU 2011 - Fashion Parade
bU 2008 - 'Saved by Grace'
bU 2009 - 'Empowered'
bU 2007 - 'Donna Viva La Vita'
bU 2006 - 'For Eternity'
bU 2010 - 'Because'
bU 2014 - 'Devoted'
bU 2015 ' Forward'

bU Kids Registration - Terms and Conditions
You agree to these conditions by enrolling your children into the program

I would like to enrol my child/children into the bU Kids Conference. I agree for my child to participate in all programmed activities. While I understand that all reasonable care will be taken by the organisers, I release bU Children’s staff and their volunteers from any and all liability for any injury, damage or loss that may occur to my children or their property. In the case of emergency, I hereby give permission to first aid/ambulance staff to provide treatment for my child and agree to pay associated costs.

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