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Welcome Girls!

I hope we've caught you right in the middle of being the very best you can be! If you are a woman, the chances are you have struggled with believing in yourself at some time in your life!


We believe that as a woman you were designed and created unique, to have a powerful and effective impact on your world, the best way to do that is to get to know your creator and then hand in hand with Him, simply be you! "bU"



bU hosts a number of events during the year to empower, encourage and inspire you to do this. bU events are always different and exciting. (What can we say - we love to party!) They include international guest speakers and artists, music, dance, drama, multi-media and much more!


We would love you to join us at our next event for a fun-filled, totally relaxing time where you will laugh, cry and be totally inspired with hundreds of other amazing women.



bU was founded in 2002 by author and motivational speaker Jane Evans, as a community organisation aimed at inspiring and encouraging women of all ages and cultural backgrounds to achieve success in life. 

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Lots of love

Ps Jane xxx


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