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I would like to enrol my child/children into the bU Kids Conference. I agree for my child to participate in all programmed activities. While I understand that all reasonable care will be taken by the organisers, I release bU Children’s staff and their volunteers from any and all liability for any injury, damage or loss that may occur to my children or their property. In the case of emergency, I hereby give permission to first aid/ambulance staff to provide treatment for my child and agree to pay associated costs.

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Nicole Johnson

Author  .  Dramatist  .  Speaker

We are so excited to have bestselling author, performer, and motivational speaker, Nicole Johnson with us in 2018!


She is one of the most sought-after creative communicators in America today. Her unique ability to blend humor with compassion as she captures the inner-most feelings of women facing life’s daily struggles, has enabled her to create a unique sense of community for women of all ages.

Jane Evans

Senior Pastor  .  Founder of bU Conference  .  Author

Ashley and Jane are the parents of 3 amazing sons, Benjamin, Nathan and married son Mark and Lauren. Ps Ashley and Ps Jane are Senior Pastors of Influencers Churches Global, a multi-site mega church in Australia and in the USA ministering to many thousands of people every weekend.






We are so excited to be partnering with the Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service again. This year we we would like to assist them in purchasing storage for all of the donations they receive. These donations are used to furnish the housing they provide, and give the women some items they can use to start a new home. This has been an area of need for them as they are currently storing the donations they receive in open shelving, which doesn't keep the items in the best condition. If you would like to give of your time to assist them in organising their goods when the shelving is installed, please fill out the contact form below. 

At the bU fashion Parade this year we raised


Thank you for your incredible generosity!