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August 25-26, 2023

You and I began as a dream in God’s heart BEFORE the foundations of the world were laid; an exquisite masterpiece of creativity, created in His image… with the ability to dream! Gifted with pure imagination, to ponder what could be, to ask, ‘what if?’


 Dreaming dreams far beyond us, but in the realm of God’s power and ability. We are Dreamers looking for more.  And yet, the uncertainty of the future, the changing norms that governed our past thinking, and new, emerging paradigms have infiltrated, and all but extinguished, our belief in our ability to dream.  Into this void God declared long ago that in these last, uncertain days, His sons and daughters would prophesy, dream dreams, see visions.  The promises of God not yet in our hands, but within our reach.

The possibilities of heaven, revealed to our ‘spirit eyes’ before they are visible with our natural eyes.

It’s time to awaken the God dream and dreamer within you, to dream with eyes wide open, to hear the whisper of the prophetic. The invitation of heaven to see what He sees.

It's time to prophesy the future into being. It’s time to start dreaming, a new era.

$25 bU Kids Program (Age 2- Year 6, SATURDAY ONLY)
$50 Youth Registration Price (Year 7 - Year 12)
$70 Conference Only Special Price (ends August 28, 2022)
$80 Adult Early Bird Price (ends July 9th, 2023)
$90 Adult Full Price (after July 9th, 2023)


The Eastern Adelaide

Domestic Violence Service

So far through bU we have raised


to support women and children affected by domestic violence.
Thank you for your incredible generosity!


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